IDX Broker Platinum

How to setup

NOTE: Skip this if your Gmail or Google Apps account connected to FUB

1. Get your unique Follow Up Boss email address

2. Login to your IDX Broker Control Panel

Then click "Preferences" then "Email Settings"

Change all the emails under "Recipient" to your Follow Up Boss email.


3. Click on "Users" in the top menu, then on "Agents"

Change the email address of agents that are also Follow Up Boss users to their unique Follow Up Boss email address.

Check under "Leads" then "Contact Routing" that the agent's raw email is not set to display.

By default it should be "Use contact form with routing".


Test it out

Once you have changed over your IDX Broker email address you can test it out by going to your website and submitting an inquiry. You should receive an email notification from Follow Up Boss and see the lead in the system under "Leads Today" and the "Leads" stage.

The fields parsed from IDX Broker are Name, Email and Phone Number. A copy of the original lead email will also be sent to you and stored in Follow Up Boss.

IDX Broker allows a lot of flexibility in assigning leads to different agents based on price, suburbs, zip codes etc.

You can also access a demo IDX Broker Platinum account here