Zillow Setup by Tech Connect

How to set up Zillow (or click here for video instructions if you prefer):

1. Login to Zillow and click "Account" (if the page look different from the screenshot below, you'll need to hover over "Agent Hub" and then click "Account")

2. Click "Connect to My CRM"

3. Select "Follow Up Boss" as the partner

4. Enter the email address you use to login to Follow Up Boss as your Partner ID

Do not use your @followupboss.me email. This should be the regular email address you use to login to Follow Up Boss.

5. Click "Save"

Two things to note:
  • If you were using Zapier (aka a “Zap”) to get leads into us, you should now disable it (this can be done from the “Connect to my CRM” screen noted above)

  • If in the past you had changed your Zillow login email address to an address ending in @followupboss.me, you can now change it back to whatever you would like to have as your login address (this can be changed by clicking ‘Account’ in the header and then changing the email address in the first dialog box). If you get an error that the email is already taken, remove it from the list of additional email addresses by clicking 'Manage email addresses'

Leads not supported

Currently Zillow does not send the following set of Trulia leads through this method:

  •   Seller requests (e.g. Trulia Seller Ads)
  •   Profile requests (e.g. on a user’s Trulia Profile page)
  •   Listing agent requests (e.g. from any featured listing or whenever a request is made to the listing agent)

To receive those Trulia leads into Follow Up Boss, put your Follow Up Boss lead address (followupboss.me address) on the Trulia settings page as a “leads” notification email: