Changing Lead Stage

Stages are the urgency to Buy/ Sell

  • Leads - Unknown urgency 
  • Hot Prospects - people moving in 1-3 months 
  • Nurture - Moving in 3-12 months 
  • Buyers - Active Buyers who have chosen you as their agent
  • Sellers - Active Sellers listed with you 
  • Pending - Transactions "under contract" or "in Escrow"
  • Closed - recently closed deals
  • Past clients - for staying in touch with your best source of referrals
  • Sphere - The world around you. We'd suggest these be your VIP's- people you may send marketing emails to, and may give referrals to you. 
  • Trash - leads with bad email address and bad phone number. Its like a bin next to your desk you can pull leads out of, not fully deleted.

Delete - Only available in Admin accounts- which makes this contact's information go away forever

Use the drop down located in each contact record to change lead stages:

Stages tell who should be contacted today: