How to insert a video into an email template

Right now you may be using Follow Up Boss Classic, however, we encourage you to explore the many features we've added in Follow Up Boss 2!

Our team has made it very easy for you to embed video content in emails using FUB2! 

Here's more info on Switching to Follow Up Boss 2! You can always switch over to embed your videos, then switch back to using Classic if you would like.

Embedding a Video in FUB Classic

If you still want to stick with classic, here are the instructions for embedding a video:

1.  Take a screenshot of the video.  Make sure to capture the play icon.

2.  Upload the screenshot online.  (Try a free image upload site like Imgur, TinyPic, etc.)

3.  Paste the direct image URL into your email.

4.  Link the image to the video.  Highlight the image and click on the link button on the top bar.  This will bring up a window prompting you to enter the URL.  Enter the video URL.

5.  Save the email template.

Wistia video thumbnail - Embedding Videos in Classic

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