Manually Reassign a Lead

When a lead is reassigned in Follow Up Boss the assigned agent will be notified with an email that includes the contact details and notes. They will also receive a text message if they have that option enabled.

To reassign a lead go into the leads profile and click "edit info" which is visible in the right hand sidebar

Use the "assigned to" dropdown to select the person you would like the lead assigned to and then click "Save"

Mass reassigning leads

You can also mass reassign leads from the list view in Follow Up Boss.

Reassign from mobile

Click the dropdown next to "Assigned", choose the desired agent in the menu then click "Done".

You can also reassign from our Android and iPhone apps.

What Happens With Tasks?

When you reassign a person, tasks created by action plans also get reassigned if they were originally assigned to the same user as the person. This is done so that tasks created for assigned agent get transferred to the new agent so they can do those tasks.

Manually created tasks and action plan tasks that were assigned to a different user, for example ISA, don't get reassigned automatically. You can reassign them manually by clicking on the task and changing assigned agent.