Using Groups to Automate Assigning Leads

This article will show you how to distribute leads to your agents automatically which will free up your time and ensure leads are responded to faster.

All leads assigned via groups are assigned via round robin to the agents in that group.

You may also assign directly to yourself and reassign through Follow Up Boss manually.

1. Select groups in the top right menu

2. Click the group name

Your primary group is called "Round Robin" by default

3. Select the agents you would like included in the group then click Save

In this case both Ant Smith and Anthony Gentile will receive leads.

4. Create additional groups by clicking the "Add Group" button

5. Use the group on the lead flow screen.


I set everything up but received an error email instead of the lead being automatically input into Follow Up Boss?

Check the lead provider is on our list of supported lead providers. If you still have issues please email

How does the round robin work?
One agent will receive a lead, then the next agent in the group, then the next and so on.

Receiving a lead in one group does not take an agents "turn" in other groups.