Assigning leads by source and type - lead flow screen

This article will show you how to assign your leads by source/type to your desired user or group automatically when the leads first enter Follow Up Boss.

1. Click the Lead Flow screen in the top right menu

2. Review your lead flow settings

In the above first line we can see that leads from "BetterVoice" will be assigned directly to the group "Team Corkill".

The first column is a combination of source and channel.

For example above this lead was received from Better Voice via the Group email address for Team Corkill and is set to assign agent to the "Team Corkill" group which is the default.

3. Select the drop down and adjust assigned agent or group as needed

You will see a message "agent assignment updated!" to confirm the change.

4. Leads from BetterVoice will now go direct to Jess Boyle

Leads from BetterVoice and sent via the Team Corkill group email address will now be assigned direct to Jess Boyle.

Creating new assignment rules

When a new combination of lead source, channel and type comes into the system we will automatically create a new line for you on your Lead Flow screen.

You can then go to the Lead Flow screen and change the assigned agent as desired.

Possible Combinations

Sources -


  • Group email address - by default goes to the users in the group
  • Individual email address - by default goes to the user who's email address it is
  • API Key - by default goes to the user who's API Key it is
  • IMAP (future)


  • Buyers
  • Sellers
  • Renters