Sharing Your Emails with Others

Follow Up Boss tracks email communication with contacts in your system. The "Sharing Emails" feature allows others to see  emails exchanged between you and a contact.

Brokers: Your email content is shared on all contacts.
Agents/Lenders: Your email content is shared only on contacts that you are assigned to.

Note that for security, if an agent re-assigns ​a contact, the prior email correspondence will not be visible to the new agent. 

You can delete sensitive individual emails by clicking on them and then clicking delete like a note.

Enabling Email Sharing

1. Click on the "My Settings" screen on top right menu. 

2. Click on "Email" tab.

   3. Tick the "Share Emails" box.


Deleting Sensitive Emails

1. Click on the individual email.


2. Click "Delete" in upper-right corner.